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Products Name Product Picture Output Input Capacity Remark
BUB79AC 220V and AC 110V, DC 5VDC 12V23000mAhPowerBank with AC output
Power King5V,10V,12V,16V,18V,19V16V~20V15600mAhVoltage Auto. Scanning
Power Magic5V 2A & 5V 1A5V 1A10400mAh2 USB Output
Power Panda5V 1A5V 1A10400mAhDC Input
Power Stone5V 1A5V 1A7800mAhMiniUSB Input
Power Juice5V 1A5V 1A2500mAh3 Colors
Power Max5V 1A5V 1A6000mAh3 LEDs Torch

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