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Fuel/Gas Gauge Board for Li-ion/Li-Polymer/LiFePO4/NiMH battery Packs

Part number: HCX-D171

Features and Benefits

*Fuel/Gas Gauge with 5 LEDs;
*Fuel/Gas Gauge for Li-ion/Li-Polymer/LiFePO4/NiMH battery Packs
*1S~10S Fuel/Guage Board



Apply for

1~10Cells (Li-ion/Li-Polymer/LiFePO4)


Connecting Red wire to the "+" of Battery Pack;

Connecting black wire to the "-"of the battery packs

Display way

5 LEDs display based on battery's voltage

How to display:

LED 1 (based on signal cell’s voltage)

Li-ion/Li-Polymer≤3.0V OFF,≥3.15V blinking (Adjustable)
LiFePO4≤2.0V OFF,≥2.3V blinking (Adjustable)

LED 2 (based on signal cell’s voltage)

Li-ion/Li-Polymer≤3.35V OFF,≥3.4V ON (Adjustable)
LiFePO4≤2.5V OFF,≥2.6V ON (Adjustable)

LED3 (based on signal cell’s voltage)

Li-ion/Li-Polymer≤3.55V OFF,≥3.6V ON (Adjustable)
LiFePO4≤2.7V OFF,≥2.8V ON (Adjustable)

LED 4 (based on signal cell’s voltage)

Li-ion/Li-Polymer≤3.75V OFF,≥3.8V ON (Adjustable)
LiFePO4≤2.9V OFF,≥3.0V ON (Adjustable)

LED5 (based on signal cell’s voltage)

Li-ion/Li-Polymer≤3.90V OFF,≥3.95V ON (Adjustable)
LiFePO4≤3.4V OFF,≥3.50V ON (Adjustable)

Self-consumption: ≤80uA

Size:20*50*3 mm

Connection Diagram

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