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Intelligent LCD Display for Li-ion & LiFePO4 Batteries

Part number: LP-LCD-01

Features and Benefits

LP-LCD-01 is one intelligent LCD display typically designed for Li-ion, LiFePO4 and LTO batteries, it communicates with all
BesTech Smart BMS via UART protocol, can display the Fuel Guage in % accurately, thanks to our accurately coulomb 
counting technology plus our own format calculations.

• Coulomb Counting Fuel Guage in %,
• Display Actual Voltage,
• Display Actual Multi-Temperatures,
• Display All Warnnings or ERRORs,
• With Aluminum Frame and IP65 Housing



It is easy to use, simply plug into our BMS UART port to activate it, with 8 mounting screws to firmly screw it up to the 

housing. It is also can be used as individual indepent LCD meter by using long wiring.

Warnning & Error Codes:

OV - Over Voltage on Single Cell,                                                      UT-C - Under Temperature on Charge,

UV - Under Voltage on Single Cell,                                                    OT-D - Over Temperature on Discharge,

OV-Bat - Over Voltage on Battery Pack,                                            UT-D - Under Temperature on Discharge,

UV-Bat - Under Voltage on Battery Pack,                                          OT-MOS - Over Temperature on MOSFETS,

OC-C - Over Current on Charge,                                                       VD - Voltage Difference,

OC-D - Over Current on Discharge,                                                   Low-SOC - Battery SOC Low,

OT-C - Over Temperature on Charge,                                                SC - Short Circuit,

Dimension Diagram


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