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PCM/PCB for 2S 7.4V with SMBus and Gas Guage/Fuel Gauge function

Part number: HCX-B031

Features and Benefits

 *Note:Characteristics subject to change without notice.

*Software Protection including:                                      
1.Over Charge Voltage Protection; 
2.Over Charge Current Protection;
3.Over Discharge Voltage Protection;
4.Over Discharge Current Protection;
5.Charge Over Temperature protection; 
6.Discharge Over Temperature protection;

* Voltage/Temperature Calibration:During operation after calibration, The difference for Battery Pack's voltage must<±40mv;The difference for single cell's voltage must<±20mv,the difference for the Temperature must<±1°C;

*Current Calibration:During operation after calibration, the difference for the current must<±30mA(4A discharge),usually within±10mA.





Battery Capacity

???mAh锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Continuous Charge and discharge current

Typical 4A

Over charger Protection Voltage

4280 ±50mV锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Overcharge Recovery Voltage

4150±50mV锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Over Discharger protection Voltage

2700±50mV锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Over Discharge Recovery Voltage

3000±50mV锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Overcharge Current

≤6-8A锟斤拷Delay 8-10S锟斤拷锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Over Current Protection Current

≤15A锟斤拷Delay 8-10S锟斤拷锟斤拷adjustable,chip unlocked锟斤拷

Over Temperature

≤75 ±10OC锟斤拷adjustable锟斤拷


Input Voltage Pack+ to Pack–


Typical 8.4V





Connection Diagram

Setting Programmable Options

The TI Chip data flash comes configured per the default settings detailed in the chip data sheet.

Ensure that the settings are correctly changed to match the pack and application for the chip solution being evaluated.

The programming connection as below:


IMPORTANT: The correct setting of these options is essential to get the best performance.

The settings can be configured using the Data Flash screen.

P.S.: All the products from BesTech Power are well programmed and Calibrated.



To adjust all the parameters on the PC/Laptop:

(The screen shot of software on PC)


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