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Battery Management Systm (BMS) with Communication protocol for 4 and cells in series Li-ion/Li-Polymer/LiFePO4 Battery Packs

Part number: HS-012

Features and Benefits

 General Descriptions


Battery Pack Configurations

3S – 4S

Battery Pack Voltage

6V – 14.8V

Battery Pack Capacity

No Limit

Continuous Discharge Current

20A on-board Mosfets

Discharge Peak Current

40A for 10s lasting

Over Discharge Current Protection


Charge Current


Over Charge Current Protection


Temp. Sensors

with 4 Sensors,

E-Switch/Ignition Switch


Balancing Voltage


Balancing Current


Isolated Communication Protocols


Working Temp.

-20°C ~ 80°C


99 x 55 x 12mm



BMS comes with  harness, wires

System Block Diagram

Please be noted the fuse is not coming with BMS, we suggest customer to have the fuse on the P+ cable, it is the last protection if after failures occurs on all BMS’s over-current-protections. Suggested to go with the fuse which is slightly greater than overcurrent protection current.

Programming Parameters Settings

Almost all parameters can be logically programmed according to your cells’ specs on BesTech Software (Supports Windows System only), please be noted the programming setting function is not open for everyone, the software normally is set as display for parameters only, BesTech Power only gives the access for programming to customers who really understand BMS/Battery well.

With watchdog embedded in BesTech Software, the system is more robust, Battery Pack parameters are real-time displaying on our PC software/Bluetooth APP, the data detection frequency is every 400mS. Any alarm/fault conditions are saved to our EEPROM (Please be noted the special conditions records will be lost if BMS is reset or lost power).

To run BesTech Software, BesTech Programming Tool is needed (need purchase separately), the tool drive can be download from here.


Our programming tool is as below.

BesTech Software PC Utility (Windows only) downloading address is here. Your windows system probably need another firmware to run

smoothly, please download from here.

Here is the screenshot for BesTech Software PC utility.

Pre-configuration Before Use

BesTech BMS is preconfigured with your battery profiles which should be provided before ordering.

The basic battery profiles needed for pre-configuration as below.

• Li-ion / LiFePO4                          • Configuration / Voltage

• Battery Cell LVC and HVC          • Battery Pack Capacity

• Continuous discharge current     • Charge current

• Battery cell temp. ranges            • Over Current                     • Communication protocol and address (baud rate)

Any additional functions needed such as LCD/LED SOC display, buzz alarm, reset switch and so on, please contact us for functions customization, those are easy to implement from our firmware.

Thanks to our high advanced algorithms estimation, once the basic battery profiles are set initially, at least 2 completely cycles running, our BMS automatically starts to learn the parameters, voltage, current and temperature thresholds…, all parameters will be automatically calibrated and assigned. Those parameters can be adjusted according to the user’s needs afterward, but must remain within the Battery cell’s Manufacturer’s official specifications range.

* Once again the software utility normally is set as display for all parameters only, BesTech Power only gives the access for programming to customers who really understands BMS/Battery well.




Connection Diagram

  BMS Unit Connections

• Balancing Port – battery pack balancing sensing wires , 1st wire can be used as ON/OFF or reset

• External Temp. Sensors Port – 8 Pins connector for 4 x external sensors

• GPIO Port – 20 Pins for communication protocols and e-switch/ignition key, external systems such as SOC LED/LCD display, alarm buzzer… the definition of


GPIO socket as the figure below.

Communication Protocols

BMS supports different communication protocols, HS006 integrated with 1x RS485, 1x RS232, 1x CANBus, 1x UART, all communications are isolated except for UART, the default baud rate used in current communication implementation is set as 19200KBPS, contact BesTech support for different baud rate setup, such as 9600K or others.

P.S. RS485, RS232, CAN communications can be used simultaneously.

Please download our communication address ID manual as below:



BMS communicates with windows PC utility thru UART/RS485/RS232/CAN protocol, customer need purchase BesTech programming tool separately to do the programming and reading for all parameters.


BesTech BMS is modularized an optional low energy Bluetooth function, with Bluetooth, all parameters are accessible on our Smartphone application which is a simplified version of the PC Utility. The mobile app is a very useful feature for monitoring the battery’s status and configuring all BMS parameters remotely. Since the system may not always be easily accessible, the app is ideal for quick system status reviews and troubleshooting in case of errors. Customers can download our FREE APP “BesTech BMS” from Apple Store or Google Play.

Mechanical Dimensions(layout)