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Battery Management system BMS,3S-96S (11.1V~307.2V) , with SMBus,I2C/HDQ communication protocol for LiFePO4 Battery Packs

Part number: HCX-D170V1

Features and Benefits

 Programmable BMS with SMBus , I2C/HDQ Communication protocol

1.Protection Circuit Board for 27S-96S (99.9V~355.2V) Li-ion and Li-Polymer battery pack;
2.PCB applies for 27S-96S configuration  Li-ion and Li-Polymer battery pack;
3.To prevent the battery packs from overcharge,overdischarge,over current, over temperature ,short circuit ;
4.With cell balance/equilibrium function;
5.Compatible with all the  Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells.
6.How balancing function works? after battery pack is fully charged. PCM will detect each cell's voltage and trim higher voltage down until other cells reach the same voltage level. Therefore, it helps cells have longer service life.
7.This BMS is designed for 3S ~ 96S Battery packs, can be used on Li-ion, Li-Polymer, LiFePO4, with max. Continuous discharge and charge current @ 200A, and it is integrated with SMBUS, I2C, HDQ optional communications protocol for battery pack monitoring, fuel/gas gauge management, communicating with your applications, can accurately read your battery pack’s SOC and SOH information. The communicatiuon function is removeable, can remove it if there is no need.
8.HCX-D170V1 is designed as high current BMS, can carry 200A continuously, the built-in electric fan will cool down the heating from BMS automatically during working. It is designed as charging and discharging at the same / different terminal, contact us for different terminal (cost effective) if needed.

9.HCX-D170V1 BMS mainly designed based on SEIKO and TI chips , the SMBus/Fuel Gauge is based on TI BQ34Z100, the specified parameters as reference as below. 












Charging voltage

Adjustable with different configuration



Maximal continuous charging current

200A (adjustable)

Maximal continuous discharging current

200A (adjustable)

Current consumption




Overcharge Protection

Over charge detection voltage

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Over charge detection delay time

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Over charge release voltage

Adjustable(depends on battery type)


Over Discharge Protection

Over discharge detection voltage

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Over discharge detection delay time

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Over discharge release voltage

Adjustable(depends on battery type)


Over Current Protection

Over current detection voltage

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Over current detection current

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Detection delay time

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Release condition

Adjustable(depends on battery type)


Short Circuit Protection

Detection condition

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Detection delay time

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Release condition

Cut load, automatically recover



Balance voltage for single cell

Adjustable(depends on battery type)

Balance current for single cell

Adjustable(depends on battery type)


Balancing ON/OFF

When the balancing LEDs are on then the balancing function will get started



Operating temperature range


Storage temperature range

-20~ +125°C


Capacity Display

Press Battery Capacity checking Switch to dispaly capacity by LEDs


Size  (L*W*T)


Connection Diagram

 Battery Capacity Checking

Press the button switch to check battery pack’s capacity the LEDs will be turned on.
(Marked as RED arrow in the picture as below)
This BMS also can connect to our LCD display to check battery informations on our LCD, the LCD Display connection socket as marked in yellow arrow as above picture.
How balancing function works?
After battery pack is fully charged. PCM will detect each cell's voltage and trim higher voltage down until other cells reach the same voltage level. Therefore, it helps cells have longer service life.
Once the balancing get started, the balancing LEDs will be on automatically.(check red arrow marked in the pictures as below)
How to connect BMS to PC/laptop to set up all parameters and the communications.(on BMS, there is one socket for the communication adapter connections, check the picture as below )
Then connect our BMS with the communication convertor adapter, the commnuication conventor adaptor is called “EV2300/EV2400” which can be purchased from BesTech Power or from TI.
After installed the software to your PC/laptop, The PC-end-software (copyright belongs to TI) can Set and modifying all the logical parameters
Connections Diagram (Taking 4S configuration as an example):
1) Charge and Discharge at the same port connection:
2) Charge and Discharge from different port connection:
This BMS is designed for multi-configurations pack, the mother controllers are tired up, the voltages-detection-cables go in the way as picture shown below:
Please connect B- of BMS to battery pack negative terminal then connect P+ to battery pack positive terminal, for the voltage detection cables, please connect from cell #1 till the last cell.
There is no warranty if there is any hardware changes from customers’ side, the configurations are changing on our hardware and software, please contact us for more details of the changes if customers insist to do DIY.
For more information, please email us at info@BesTechPower.com or sales@BesTechPower.com .
Thank you again for choosing BesTech Power!


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