Recharge in the Great Outdoors-Green Your Camping Trip


Recharge in the Great Outdoors-Green Your Camping Trip

No matter what kind of battery you’re using, one thing remains constant: no battery’s charge lasts forever. So what do you do when you’re miles away from a wall outlet?
Consider a solar battery charger or portable power device.

Spending time in the great outdoors is usually a summer pastime intended to be a departure from the fast-paced modern world. However, these days, there are a surprising number
of personal, portable electronic devices designed to improve your outdoor experience.

In any case, you will be choosing from a solar charger, a power pack, or a combo of the two. A solar charger collects power via fold-out solar collectors. The light weight panels
absorb light and collect energy to transfer to your devices. These can work well for recharging small handheld devices, but are dependent on the sunshine.

A power pack is a portable battery charger that contains its own rechargeable battery that supplies energy to your devices. The pack would need to be charged prior to your trip – however,
some models are a hybrid and contain solar collection panels that supply the power pack unit. Power packs will usually last for between 500 and 1,000 charges.

Green You Camping Trip
The use of electronic devices in the wilderness continues to grow, meaning you can still escape civilization and enjoy nature without leaving all things high-tech at home. While some of these products use household batteries, the majority of them rely on internal rechargeable batteries – all of which are important to dispose of properly once the end of their life span is reached.

Whether you’re planning a family camping trip, a remote hike or a long distance mountain bike ride, these electronic gadgets are a great way to improve your outdoor experience.

Battery life for eReaders varies greatly between products and also depends on the user’s reading habits. Most models support at least 8 hours of continuous reading in between charges. If you’ve got a long trip ahead and know your device will need recharged, make sure to consider an outdoor charger that properly accommodates your eReading device.

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