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BesTech Self-Balancing E-Scooter with Smart Gravity Accelerators Syetem

Part number: 10 inch Escooter

Features and Benefits

 Weight 12 kg 
 Motor Power 500W 
Drive Mode Dual-wheel and two-way direct drive
Max. Speed 15km/h
Balance Detection 3 Gravity sensors + 3 accelerometers
Mileage 15 km (horizontal standing)
Battery Capacity 110Wh
Control System BesTech Control System
Rated Load 90KG 220lbs


Advanced Motor

The power of BesTech banalcing scooter is at maximum 500W, the motor is designed to be quiet and energy-efficient.

High-end Battery Technology

Bestech Balacning Scooters use the highest-quality battery and provide reliable high performance and safety. The LG or SAMSUNG battery is quite safe enought never flame and never explode. It is built-in with intelligent and high efficiency protection BMS, it protects the inner battery packs from over charge, over discharge, over current, over heating to prevent explosion.

Connection Diagram

Smart Gravity Accelerators Syetem

BesTech develops and produces all the mother boards and core parts inside, the auto-balancing fucntion is very stable making users move forward/backward and turning left/right at the easiest way, three Gyrosoopes and three Gravity Accelerators are tested internally deeply before BesTech Scooter released out, this makes the Bestech Scooter more flexible and stable.

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